Hormozgan Province

The province is primarily mountainous, consisting of the southern tip of the Zagros range. The province experiences a very hot and humid climate, with temperatures sometimes exceeding 120F (49C) in summers. There is very little precipitation year round. Hormozgan today has 11 ports, 5 national airports, and 3 international airports. The province has an active agriculture sector, ranking first in Iran in lime production and second in date production.


• Emarat-e Kolah Farangi (built by and during the Dutch occupation)

• Berkeh haye Baran (6 traditional water reservoirs)

• Gele-dari traditional Bath

• The Hindu temple

Latidan Bridge, built during the era of Shah Abbas I

Fekri House

Sa'di House

Qeshm Island

Hara marine forests

Kisa Island, the most popular tourist resort in southern Iran in the Persian Gulf.

Geno UNESCO natural biosphere reserve

Hara UNESCO natural biosphere reserve

Various hot water springs

Kish Island

Kish Island is surrounded by soft golden beaches, palm trees and crystal clear waters, in a place where time moves imperceptibly. The island offers relaxation combined with adventure in a destination that is unspoiled by commercialization, with its refreshing natural beauty and the unsophisticated life style of its people still very much intact.

Kish Island is a resort island lapped by the sheltered waters of coral-edged lagoons, home to many of the world's spices of reef fish. Snorkeling in the Kish Island is amongst the best in the world, whilst scuba diving offers an even more spectacular insight of life beneath in waters.
Kish Island lies like a pearl across the turquoise waters of the Persian Gulf and is a heaven of peace and tranquility fringed by sandy beaches and coral reefs vivid with colorful fish.

Kish Island Beaches

The coral coasts of Kish Island, a pearl across the turquoise waters of the Persian Gulf, have a special glow under the sunlight. The seawater near the coasts is so clear, that one can see the depths of the sea and all its aquatic life that are unique in their kind. These beaches are safe and there are no dangerous creatures in the region; thus those interested in fishing and swimming can go for their favorite sports. Tourists can benefit from Kish sandy beaches, coral reefs vivid with colorful fish and sea and sun all year round.

Facilities such as a recreational jetty, glass-bottomed boats, motorboats, and scuba diving equipment are available on the beaches. For the diving enthusiasts the island has its own PADI/SSI Dive Center. A variety of other water sports are also available. Jet-skiing, sailing, fishing, parasailing, reef walking, coral viewing, boating and water skiing are just a few popular ways to spend the time and enjoy yourself during your visit to the Island.
These are just few reasons that have turned Kish Island into a popular holiday destination in the region. All together, Kish Island offers a stunning variety of cultures, scenery, sports, duty-free shopping and entertainment.
Hotels provide every comfort, shops offer an enormous variety of goods and superb food is served in establishments ranging from country inn to elegant restaurants.

It is not surprising that Kish Island attracts visitors from all over Middle East, and increasingly nowadays, from other countries around the world. The Sunshine Island has a climate that allows visitors to enjoy its attractions to the full and Kish really does have something for everyone, no matter what they may seek from a holiday.

Duty-Free Shopping

No entry visa required

Inexpensive holiday resorts and splendid beaches

Hospitable people

Historic sightseeing

All waiting for you in a unique pearl of the PERSIAN GULF Called Kish Island.